Official Bio


In a smoky and dimly lit DC divebar, you could hear the chatter of old and new friends catching up over a drink. Staccato was the name of the old place, though now it's been replaced with something else altogether. A dusty upright piano sat in the corner of a tiny stage. It was open mic night. A thin-frame Asian kid began singing and playing as the crowd grew quiet. It wasn't a voice you'd expect to come from someone like him. The songs were so packed full of emotions that a homeless man who came off the streets to listen was brought to tears. This was the beginning. The starting point of an artist that the world at large has yet to discover. He goes simply by his first name, Minh - a common Vietnamese name that means "bright" - as if he was destined to light up the world, albeit through his music.  

Though he is still considered largely unknown to the general public, he has already performed with the likes of The Isley Brothers, Frankie Beverly, and Erykah Badu. Several of his performances were on the same stage that Elvis Presley called home in Las Vegas. His music has received placements on major television shows such as 90210, MTV's Made, and National Geographic among many others.  

A true indie artist, he has been forging his own path since the release of his first independent album, "Life. Love. Soul." in 2006, which caught the attention of Matthew Knowles, then-manager of Destiny's Child and Beyonce. Though he decided to pursue other ventures at that time, Minh's passion for music eventually brought him back around. Only this time, he was determined to build a serious career as an artist and entertainment executive. In 2010, he produced and released an electro-soul album, "Dreamgirl's Heart", which served as a primer for his push into the entertainment industry.

Between 2010 and 2013, he would go on to release two more independent albums - Layers and The Shape of You. He also became a voting member of The Grammy (NARAS). His current and fifth independent studio album, Irony Collection, was released in March of 2014. With every project, he explores the fusion of soul with other genres and sounds. He is undoubtedly multi-talented as a songwriter, producer, musician, and singer. What the future holds, only God knows. However, one thing is certain: Music will be made without reservation.